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Dr Ewan Ward

School: Discipline of Science and Mathematics
Position: Assistant Dean (Learning & Teaching)
Location: Science Building
Phone: (02) 4980 2214
Extension: #214
Fax: (02) 49802219
Qualifications: BSc (Biochemistry/Microbiology) and Hons (Class 1 - Immunology) from the University of New South Wales. PhD (Chemical carcinogenesis and DNA repair), from the School of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales.
Grad. Dip. Theology, Grad. Dip. Ministry (Avondale College).
Research: Avondale College Lifestyle Research Centre (LRC): changes in high density lipoprotein (HDL) sub-fractions in health program (CHIP) participants. Interface between science and Christian Faith. Past research interests include problem based learning (PBL) in upper level biochemistry, chemical carcinogenesis and DNA repair.
About: Ewan has been employed as a lecturer at Avondale College since 1990 teaching in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology and immunology. He teaches in the BSc, BSc/BTch and B Nursing degrees. He has also taught at Walla Walla College, Washington, USA. Ewan promotes the view that science is a dynamic and exciting place to be. He enjoys the challenge of making the complex simple and conveying that to students. He also aims to see students acquire the skills necessary to become life long learners.

Ewan is married with three adult children.
Select Publications: Kent, L., Morton, D., Rankin, P., Ward, E., Grant, R., Gobble, J., and Diehl, H. (2013) “The effect of a low-fat, plant-based lifestyle intervention (CHIP) on serum HDL levels and the implications for metabolic syndrome – a cohort study” Nutrition and Metabolism 10:58.
Rogers, L., Christian, G., Morton, J. and Ward, E. (2012) Science for Primary Teachers (2nd edn.). Avondale College of Higher Education: Cooranbong, NSW.
Morton, J.K., Ward, E. and deBerg, K. (2012) The Effect of Human Disturbance (Beach Cleaning and Off-Road Vehicles) on the Biological Assemblages of Exposed Sandy beaches in the City of Lake Macquarie. Report prepared for Lake Macquarie Council.
Beecroft, J., Kemp, A., Lassila, S., Sheedy, D. and Ward, E. J. (2009) The Biochemical and Pathophysiological Effects of Alcohol Consumption. Christian Spirituality and Science 8:25-43.
Ward, E. J. (2008) Mechanics of Intelligent Design-good enough to teach? Teach Journal of Christian Education 2(2):40-47.
Ward, E. J. and Hancock, M. (2003) Intelligent Design: The Biochemical Challenge to Darwinian Evolution? College and University Dialogue 15:11-14.
Ward, E. J. and Hancock, M. (2001) Intelligent Design: The Biochemical Challenge to Darwinian Evolution? Christian Spirituality and Science 2:7-24.
Ward, E. J. and Stewart, B.W. (1987) Persistent and Heritable Structural Damage Induced in Heterochromatic DNA from Rat Liver by N-nitrosodimethylamine. Biochemistry 26: 1709-1717.
Stewart, B. W. and Ward, E. J. (1987) Long Term Persistence of Nitrosamine-Induced Structural Damage to Heterochromatic DNA. Bartsch, H., O'Neil, I.K. and Schulte-Hermann, R. (eds) The Relevance of N-Nitroso Compounds to Human Cancer: Exposures and Mechanisms (Lyon: International Agency for Research on Cancer) 64-67.
Stewart, B. W., Haber, M. and Ward E. J. (1986) Digestion of Repair Sites in Rat Liver DNA by Endogenous Nucleases. Biochemistry International 13: 903-913.
Ward, E. J., Haber, M., Norris, M. and Stewart, B. W. (1985) Single-strand Specific Degradation of DNA During Isolation of Rat Liver Nuclei. Biochemistry 24: 5803-5809.

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