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Associate Professor Kevin Petrie

Faculty: Faculty of Education, Business and Science
Position: Lecturer / Dean
Location: Education Building
Fax: (02) 49802118

Qualifications: Dip Tch (Longburn); BEd (Avondale); MEd (Avondale); EdD (La Trobe)
Research: The relationship between student-peer bullying, school climate and peer popularity and special needs education.
About: Kevin Petrie’s teaching experience has been predominantly within the New Zealand school system. He has enjoyed working as a classroom teacher and principal within grades 1-8 schools, with a stint as a special class teacher and an itinerant resource teacher of special needs within the state system. Unexpectedly, Melbourne became the next port of call, with an opportunity to complete further study while working part-time at La Trobe University, relief teaching and undertaking some contract work for the Department of Education. The family was led to Avondale College in 2014 where Kevin enjoys a different facet of education in working with pre-service teachers.

Kevin Petrie has a rich experience in teaching, including writing children’s music, special needs education and in more recent times – a passion to research school bullying and some aspects associated with it. Kevin is a proud husband and father of two.
Select Publications: Petrie, K. (2014). Rights and responsibilities and school climate. Principal Matters. 34(winter), 18-20.

Petrie, Kevin (2014) "The Relationship Between School Climate and Student Bullying," TEACH Journal of Christian Education: Vol. 8: Iss. 1, Article 7.

Petrie, Kevin (2012) "Student Peer Bullying: A Brief Overview of the Problem and Some Associated Myths," TEACH Journal of Christian Education: Vol. 3: Iss. 1, Article 2.

For a list of Kevin's publications, visit Kevin Petrie publications

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