Step 6 - Work out your Service and Facility Package

Students have a choice as to which service & facility option is most suitable for them. Most students use an extensive range these could include parking, gym, printing credits, use of tennis or squash courts etc.

If students are eligible for an Employee Subsidy payment is not required however contact must be made with Student Finance to organise.

All cars parking on Avondale Lake Macquarie Campus are required to display a valid parking permit. There are two options available; casual (pay per day) or per semester (discounted rate). Upon completing the online registration of your vehicle, permits will be available for pick up from Reception in the Administration Building.

Note: Students bringing a car onto campus MUST pay for parking or purchase a Facility Package that includes parking each semester.

Postgraduate students travelling to campus each day during a semster would be charged $5.00 per day. There are no charges for parking during the Intensive Winter School period.

All this can be done prior to Orientation by email: or phone 02 4980 2108.
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