Step 7 - Obtain your Student ID card

On Campus Students

All students are required to have an Avondale Student ID card. The card is needed to identify they are students at Avondale, their identification at examinations and library borrowing services. Additionally on-campus students need the card to access parking, photocopying, access some classrooms and their computer labs. Students who live in the residential halls require the card to access their hall and the cafeteria.

To obtain your student ID card, you will have your photo taken first at Student Services. You can then collect your card during the Orientation process.

Distance Students

Please email a photo of yourself in a jpeg format to Student Services will then post the ID card. Students who attend the July Residential School must bring their ID card with them.

How the Access/ID Card works

You swipe your card past the card reader. The light on the reader goes from red to green when a card is read, indicating that access is granted, the door/boomgate will open. If the light on the door/boomgate remains read, access is denied.

Replacement Cards

If your card is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the Residence Manager if you are residential student or Student Services who will deactivate your card so no-one else can use it.

To replace your card, go to or contact Student Services and pay $30. Your new card will be issued at the same time as payment.
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