The Equity Office ensures all students at Avondale College of Higher Education receive a fair go.

Receiving a fair go includes:
  • Caring for those with permanent or temporary disabilities
  • Caring for indigenous students and those from different countries and cultures or those with English as a second language
  • Addressing gender issues
  • Working through grievances


Equity officer

Students with a disability, language difficulty or medical condition who are seeking support should contact the equity officer.

Exam conditions

Avondale makes provision, where required, to modify learning and examination conditions for students who have a permanent or temporary disability supported by official documentation. Contact the equity officer to apply for provision. Applications are due in the first few weeks of semester. Except in extenuating circumstances, the deadline for applying for provision in examinations is before publication of the first draft of the examination timetable. The deadline for semester one is early April and for semester two is mid-September. Failure to contact the equity officer by the deadline may result in limited support.

Disability services librarian

Students with a disability or medical condition who are seeking access to library services should contact Avondale Libraries’ disability services librarian. Visit the “Patrons with special needs” page of the Avondale Libraries website for more information.

Tutoring services

Students requiring essay writing, literacy, numeracy and referencing tuition have access to academic tutoring services on the Lake Macquarie and Sydney campuses.


Student Grievance and Appeals Policy

Equity Committee 2015

Mikaela Campbell (On-campus student representative, Lake Macquarie campus)
Gail Clark (Upper College Hall, Lake Macquarie campus)
Kevin Judge (Lower College Hall, Lake Macquarie campus)
Luke Martin (Off-campus student representative, Lake Macquarie campus)
Julie Michel (Ellen G White Memorial Building, Lake Macquarie campus)
Kerry Miller (Clinical Education Centre, Sydney campus)
John Payne (Bethel Hall, Lake Macquarie campus)
Dr Kevin Petrie (Education Building, Lake Macquarie campus)
Pr Shane Roberts (Watson Hall, Lake Macquarie campus)

Equity Office

The Equity Office is located in Upper College Hall on Avondale’s Lake Macquarie campus.