Student Survey - Special Provision for Examinations

This survey is following up on the special provisions that were provided to students requesting assistance to complete first semester examinations. We want to provide the best service possible and appreciate you taking the time to let us know how we did and what we can do to improve. All submissions will remain anonymous. Thank you for your help.
1. Did you request special provision for learning and examinations in the first semester of 2011?*
Yes No (If No, you do not need to continue this survey).
2. Was your request implemented in a timely manner?*
Yes No

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3. Was your request implemented in a way that met all your needs?*
Yes No

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4. What can we do better in the future?
5. What other suggestions do you have that will make your learning experience at Avondale College more effective and enjoyable?

If you would like to talk with Dianne Butler (Equity Officer) rather than or as well as completing this survey please call ext 293 or email

Thank you again for your help.
Last Updated:22nd June 2011
Updated By: Brian Greentree