Vice Chancellors

The first principal was C.B. Hughes, an American who arrived with his wife one month after the official opening of the school. He worked with the former principal of the St Kilda school, L.J. Rousseau, H.C. Lacey, A.G. Daniells, S.N. Haskell and W.C. White to direct the school through a period of rapid expansion. After an initial enrolment of just two students and five staff on the first day in 1897, by 1899 one hundred and fifty students were enrolled.

1897 - 1914
1897H. C. Lacey (Acting)
1897-1898C. B. Hughes
1899A. G. Daniells
E. R. Palmer
C. B. Hughes
1900-1901C. B. Hughes
1902-1908C. W. Irwin
1909J. H. Paap (Acting)
1910-1912B. F. Machlan
1913-1914G. Teasdale
1914 - 1929
1914-1915J. Mills
1916J. M. Johanson
F. L. Chaney
1917J. M. Johanson
C. Schowe
1918-1919L. D. A. Lemke
1920-1921H. Kirk
1921-1922W. W. Prescott
1923-1927L. H. Wood
1928-1929E. E. Cossentine
1930 - 1946
1930-1931H. K. Martin
1932H. K. Martin
A. F. J. Kranz (Acting)
1933-1935A. E. Speck
1935A. F. J. Kranz (Acting)
1936-1937C. S. Palmer
1938-1939A. H. Piper
1940-1943T. C. Lawson
1944B. H. McMahon
1945-1946E. Rosendahl (Acting)
1947 - Present
1947-1952W. G. C. Murdoch
1953-1955E. E. White
1956E. G. McDowell (Acting)
1956-1958E. E. White
1959-1970E. G. McDowell
1971-1980E. A. Magnusson
1981-1984J. J. C. Cox
1984-1990B. W. Ball
1990-2003G. A. Madigan
2003J. F. Cox (Acting)
2004-2008J. F. Cox
2009-2020R.C.W. Roennfeldt
2020-2023K.J. Petrie