Quality Framework

Quality Assurance Model

Avondale University has demonstrated a sustained track record of embedding institutional quality assurance and enhancement processes into all aspects of course design, delivery, monitoring and accreditation.

Avondale’s Academic Quality Committee monitors these processes and the quality and standards of courses against internal and external quality indicators, and legislation, making recommendations and reports to Academic Board as needed. The Terms of Reference for this committee are underpinned by Avondale’s Quality Management System (QMS) framework and Avondale’s institutional quality assurance processes which are closely aligned with the Higher Education Standards Framework.

Course quality assurance processes integrate review practices for continuous improvement at multiple levels. These include peer review of units; unit-self review; unit and assessment moderation; annual course reports; course advisory committees with invited external experts; feedback from professional experience supervisors and graduate employers; engagement with industry and professional accreditation bodies; research on our teaching; and external referencing and benchmarking with other universities.

Student outcomes and student feedback inform quality assurance practices. Such data and/or reports are systematically tabled at the relevant committee level for evidence-based analysis and evaluation, in addition to review by the Quality Assurance Committee, who in turn provide recommendations as needed. The committee continues to monitor concerns raised by the reports and the implementation of action plans, and in this way closes the loop within the Quality Management System.