Student Satisfaction Surveys

Student Evaluation Questionnaire (SEQ)

Avondale is committed to upholding a continuous cycle of improvement in its learning and teaching agenda. All courses are reviewed through a robust internal quality assurance system that is supported by independent reviews and benchmarking processes. Student feedback is sought on a regular basis on the performance of courses. The Student Evaluation Questionnaire is an important instrument in assuring that regular and timely feedback is sought from students on the quality of their learning experience.

The purpose of SEQ is to:
  • encourage and support reflective practice among academic staff
  • assist in the improvement of learning and teaching at Avondale and inform efforts to improve Avondale courses, and
  • gather evidence that may be used to demonstrate quality teaching.

When is Student Feedback on Teaching conducted?

The SEQ can be conducted at any time throughout each teaching period, although most feedback is sought in the final weeks of the relevant teaching period.

This feedback is processed through the Office of the Vice-President (Quality & Strategy) and reported through the College Learning & Teaching Committee. All staff are provided with opportunity to reflect and respond to student input and required action for accountability and improvement is managed through the College Learning & Teaching committee.

More information
Further information is available by contacting the Office of the Vice-President (Quality & Strategy) by email: [email protected] or by telephone: +61 2 4980 2123.