Avondale-CSU Initiatives

Jointly Conferred Award Scheme

One of the key principles of Avondale’s memorandum of understanding with Charles Sturt University is the Jointly Conferred Award Scheme which sees a single qualification jointly conferred and accredited by both institutions. In December 2015, Avondale graduates were the first cohort to receive the jointly conferred award with testamurs containing both the Avondale and CSU seal. The joint conferral of awards will be phased out from semester two 2022, and will continue for existing students during a transition period ending 31 December 2025.

Graduation Milestones and Memories

Avondale - CSU Memorandum of Understanding

Avondale’s Memorandum of Understanding with Charles Sturt University provides the foundation for many Avondale-CSU initiatives which will further Avondale’s accountability and improvement agenda.