e-Learning at Avondale refers to the use of educational technologies, particularly the utilisation of the online environment, for learning and teaching.

e-Learning enriches the student learning environment in many ways, such as:
  • increased flexibility of access to learning materials and support
  • online modes of communication connecting students, teachers, and external expertise
  • increased opportunity for self-testing and revision
  • streamlined processes for submitting assignments and receiving timely feedback

Avondale uses moodle to assist in delivering course material and facilitate engagement with staff and other students. The Academic IT Committeee, a sub-committee of Learning and Teaching Committee, is responsible for advising the Learning and Teaching Committee and Vice-President (Learning & Teaching) on policy matters relating to the online and blended delivery of courses.

e-Learning encompasses:
  • Blended learning offers a considered mix of face-to-face and online environments chosen for the benefits each environment offers. The different ways to participate are designed to make the best use of information and communication technology (ICT), as well as the advantages of meeting with other students, tutors and lecturers in the same physical space at the same time, and
  • Fully online courses enable students to access and engage in learning from anywhere in the world to participate in a supported learning environment, in their own time, at their own pace. Fully online courses are designed for students who cannot attend Avondale's Lake Macquarie or Sydney campuses for any of their learning or engagement with staff or other students.

Many Avondale courses offer a blended learning approach.