Motivation for the Network

Many leaders have responded to a new era of educative practice. This era calls for a generational change to leadership. The current generation of leaders aim to build robust organizational learning environments to achieve their goals. They focus on impact and improvement indicators. They take bold steps in creating vision and strategy and recognize that a new era of collaborative practice and engagement is here! The Higher Education Private Provider Quality Network (HEPP-QN), an initiative of Avondale University College, was inducted in this spirit.

About the Network

HEPP-QN is aimed at fostering an enhanced private-provider quality foot-print in the Australian sector, through the power of collaboration. On April 21st 2015, the network was launched at the Avondale Sydney campus in Wahroonga, and was attended by 17 of the 35 member-institutions who are now part of this consortium. Our focus is on supporting each other in developing and implementing quality assurance frameworks throughout our higher education operations. Our aim is to be proactive and responsive in meeting the urgent and critical issues of our sector.

I look forward to our working together, collegially and collaboratively to steer engagement, passion and commitment around producing quality-centred outcomes. In this process, I envisage a spectrum of mutually-enriching partnerships.

Together we hope to inspire, to lead, to achieve together!

Professor Jane Fernandez, PhD

Vice-President (Quality & Strategy)

Network Founding Convenor

Purpose of the Network


Aims of the Network

Building communities of practice in respect to the following:
  • Assuring Quality in meeting the Threshold Standards
  • Mapping quality assurance to a changing environment
  • Understanding the changing student experience
  • Developing a future-generation model for quality
  • Managing, Leading, Sharing and Learning for Improvement
  • Supporting and participating in National Quality Networks
  • Building Capacity for Improvement
  • Engaging sector expertise
  • Collaborating on Research
  • Targeting Self-Accrediting
  • Developing Public and Private Partnerships

Thank you for your support.

Enter Network

To join the network, contact jane.fernandez@avondale.edu.au