About Avondale Alumni

Avondale Alumni is a community supporting the transformation of lives through Christ-centred higher education.

It organises events that encourage its members to connect again with each other and with Avondale. The largest event of the year: Homecoming, at which alumni receive awards and citations recognising dedication to transforming lives, engagement with learning and discovery, and commitment to service.

Avondale Alumni also publishes a magazine, Transformed.


Becoming an Avondale Alumni member is free.

Members receive:
  • A complimentary Alumni Card on request
  • Access to resources provided by Avondale Libraries, and
  • A free subscription to Transformed

Avondale Alumni automatically grants membership to all former students—not just those who have graduated—and to all current and former Avondale staff members.


Avondale formed an association for its alumni on October 1, 1988. The late Dr Arthur Patrick served as the first president. Others serving in the role include:

2013-2014 Cornelius Szeszeran
2009-2012 Pr Desmond B Hills
2008-2009 Jenny Hilder
2006-2007 Pr Roger Nixon
2003-2005 Pr Calvyn Townend
2001-2002 Dr Owen Hughes
2000-2001 Rob Dixon
1999-2000 Glenn Roberts
1995-1998 Glynn Litster
1993-1994 Lyn Ashby
1990-1992 Dr Barry Hill
1988-1989 Dr Arthur Patrick