Avondale Offering: Videos

Promotional video

The Avondale Offering collected in Seventh-day Adventist churches across the South Pacific on June 9, 2018, will fund and resource new research projects at Avondale University. The offering is part of a campaign inspired by a call from Ellen White to explore the sciences and the Scriptures and then to engage.

Interview videos

John Skrzypaszek

Ellen G White Seventh-day Adventist Research Centre Director Dr John Skrzypaszek explains why the church pioneer encourages us to explore the sciences and the Scriptures.

Peter Kilgour

Director Dr Peter Kilgour explains how the work of the Christian Education Research Centre at Avondale University benefits educators in schools.

Ray Roennfeldt

President Professor Ray Roennfeldt explains why Avondale University accepts the challenge of learning and discovery.