Capital Works Projects

Avondale University has a more than 120-year history. We're proud of this history and of the infrastructure that's a tangible example of it. But time takes a toll—the maintenance of our buildings and infrastructure is ongoing and costly. Giving to our capital works projects helps maintain, improve or restore our historical capital assets and develop new assets, which provides the best possible facilities for our staff members and students.


Fund A Study Pod

Caters for the changing study habits of students; encourages collaborative learning.

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Upgrade the Organ

Bring the sounds of the world’s most famous organs to Avondale by upgrading our organ with a Hauptwerk system.

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Kickstart A Clinic

Helps senior counselling students offer a low-cost, community-based mental health service.

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Million Dollar Science Fund

Supports staff research, a student scholarship, purchase and upgrading of essential equipment and human resources.

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Funded Projects


Avondale Business School

Refurbishment of collaborative learning and information centre for Lake Macquarie campus students.


Avondale Conservatorium

Restoration of Zuckermann Concert V Harpsichord with new, cleaned and strengthened parts.

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Avondale University Church

Construction of pitched roof to protect Avondale’s premier performance and worship venue.


Avondale Conservatorium

Restoration of historic Music and Greer Halls on the Lake Macquarie campus.

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Integrate Calendar IT

More widely promotes Avondale Libraries events and services, particularly those for students.


Integrate Catalog IT

Enrichment service for interactively exploring Avondale Libraries’ catalog; increases circulation.


Refurbish A New Student Hub

Refurbishment of a contemporary hub for new and prospective students, presenting a clean, modern and welcoming one-stop-shop for our most important clients.

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