Donors 2021


Donors 2021


Anonymous (2)

Patrons: Fellows

Pr Murray and Beverley Chapman
Professor Stephen Currow

Morisset ADRA Op Shop
Morisset High School Scholarship (3)
Awarded to benefit members of the local community by encouraging Year 12 students at Morisset High School to complete their tertiary education at Avondale University

Patrons: Partners

Anonymous (3)
Pr Graeme Christian
Nina Clark
Dr John and Wendy Cox

Ferch family
Arthur Ferch Prize for Greek Studies
Arthur Ferch Prize for Hebrew Studies
Established in 2013 (Greek) and 2000 (Hebrew) to commemorate former Avondale Seminarian Dr Arthur Ferch’s appreciation for Scripture by encouraging ministry and theology students to develop a love for the text in its original languages.

Dr David Heise
Jillian Keeler

Brian and Barbara King
King Family Scholarship (2)
Awarded to honour the King family’s musical endeavours by recognising students who have a passion for music and a desire to sing with vocal ensembles Avondale Singers and The Promise.

G and C Nuttall
Paul and Diane Roussos
Pr Ian and Mary Royce

Dr Marion Shields
Shields Music Scholarship (2)
Awarded to honour the Shields family’s connection to Avondale Conservatorium and in memory of Pr Laurie Shields by encouraging a new student with a passion for music to enrol in the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching course.

Bradley Stanton
Drs David and Carol Tasker
Dr Ronald Van Moere
Professor Colin Waters

Donors: Ambassadors

Karen Davis
Dr Norman and Elisabeth Young

Donors: Principals

Anonymous (10)
Timotei Albert
Joanne Annable
Andrea Burnett
Joy Guy
Julie-Anne Heise
Dr Trevor Hurlow
Randall Ibbott
Kevin Johnson
Dr Allan Laughlin
Michelle Roberts
Kerry Spero
Christie Venegas
Dr John Wallace

Donors: Associates

Anonymous (34)
Rosaura Albert
Diana Auld
Jennifer Baldwin
Louise Bexon
Dr Norm and Lynette Carlsen
Dr Merle Cozens
Hazel Eaton
Pr Trafford Fischer
Pr Harold Harker
Dr Keith Howson
Chris Humphries
Dr Owen Hughes
Stephen Jones
Kerina-Lee Joy
Glen King
Miroslav Kuburic
Sue Kuip
Colleen McIntyre
Pr Danny Milenkov
Talai Mohr
Braden Oliver
Jake Ormsby
Karen Petrie
Dr David Potter
David Rogers
Ruth Stilinovic
David Trees
Dr Mary Trim
Craig Young

Donors: Friends

Anonymous (23)
Braden Blyde
Jessica Bryant
Chloe Cairncross
Devon and Cheryl Deppeler
Sandra England
Eddie Erika
Hayley Ferris
Rowena Gamborg
Dr Graeme Humble
Laura Hutchinson
Asovale Isitolo
Anne Khoury
Ben Kian
Dr Allan Lindsay
Dr Trevor Lloyd
Margaret Major
Anne McDermott
Pr Kevin and Sue Price
Julia Searle
Ben Thomas
Tong Zhang