Alumni Heritage Walk


The unveiling of a black granite paver in the pathway outside Bethel Hall on August 28, 1999, marked the beginning of the Alumni Heritage Walk.

The walk honours alumni of Avondale University while raising money to preserve and restore the heritage features of Avondale’s Lake Macquarie campus.

A paver measures 230 millimetres in length, 110 millimetres in width and 50 millimetres in height. It bears the given, family and maiden name (if applicable) of an Avondale alumnus, and the alumnus’ final year at Avondale.

A feature of the walk is its informality—pavers are placed randomly rather than alphabetically or chronologically. The names on the pavers are recorded in an Alumni Heritage Walk Register.

Each alumnus also receives a certificate certifying the placement of their paver in the walk.

To add your name or the name of another alumnus to the walk, purchase a paver through the Avondale Online Store. At step two of checkout, a field called “Additional Comments” appears. Enter the following information:
  • the given, family and maiden name (if applicable) of the alumnus
  • the alumnus’ final year at Avondale

For clarification or more information, contact Rachel Humphries in the Advancement Office.

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Contact: Rachel Humphries