Lake Macquarie

Avondale’s Lake Macquarie Residential Halls offer the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in an on-campus experience that is close to lectures, food and recreational facilities. Living on campus provides a valuable opportunity to establish new friendships and create lasting memories.

Undergraduate students between 17-24 years of age tend to live in Ella Boyd and Watson Hall.

Ella Boyd Hall Residence

This residence has single rooms for our female students, with the capacity to accommodate 161 residents. Residents have shared communal areas - lounges (with TVs) and study areas. Ella Boyd features 24-hour secure building access.

Watson Hall Residence

This residence accommodates 158 male residents in 92 single rooms and 66 twin rooms. Social spaces in Watson include a pool table, weights room and common/TV rooms.

Avondale offers two accommodations rental periods for 2023
  • Semester 1 – 26/02/2023 – 16/06/2023
  • Semester 2 – 06/08/2023 – 19/11/2023

How Much does it Cost

All Avondale residential packages consist of an accommodation rental period plus a selected meal package (options below).

Base Room Rates 2023

Residential HallRoom TypePrice Per week*
Ella HallSingle Std Room$187.25
Watson HallSingle Std Room$187.25
Watson HallShared Std Room$130.90 pp

*price per week excludes GST (for Non-Avondale students, GST will be added).

Accommodation rates include room, electricity, water, council rates and internet access.

Meal Packages 2023

Meal Package OptionsWeekly Cost (AUD)Weekly Savings (AUD)Description
7 Main meals$97.00$0.00Perfect for students who prefer to cook for themselves or eat off campus for most of their meals.
14 Main meals$194.00$8.00A good balance between independence and convenience, this is a great option for students who want the flexibility to eat on or off campus.
21 All meals$260.00$15.50The most convenient option, this is a great choice for students who want to take full advantage of all the dining options on campus.

Meals will not be provided/charged for those arriving prior to the 26th February and for the Avondale University mid semester study break. For those wishing to purchase meals during the mid semester study break they can be purchased directly from the cafeteria.

Starting from Semester 1 in 2023, we are introducing a number of initiatives for students living in residential halls# :

  • $7.00 Friday dinner for all students
  • Choose between lunch or dinner each day (7 & 14 main meal packages)
  • Choose any day of the week (7 & 14 main meal packages)
  • Unused Meal rollover credit option##

Additional casual meals can be purchased directly from the cafeteria
  • $10.50 Breakfast
  • $15.00 Lunch/Dinner
  • $7.00 Friday dinner

# As compared to 2022 Meal Packages.
## Meal rollover is only valid for the semester periods and expires at the end of the calendar year. Meal credit is valid for resident use only.

Note: We will continue to improve and refine the meal offerings during the course of 2023, and may refine offers subject to operational requirements


To recognise the impact of the increase in cost of living for families across Australia, Avondale has decided to waive the cost of parking at the Lake Macquarie campus for students in 2023. Students will still be required to park in designated areas on campus.

Payment Terms & Conditions

All residential offers are subject to the following payment terms and conditions:
  • Refundable room bond (Equivalent to four weeks rent)
  • Room Rent in Advance (Equivalent to two weeks rent)^
  • Meal Package in Advance (Equivalent to two weeks of your selected meal package)

^ Avondale students eligible for the Accommodation Sponsorship are exempt from this requirement.

Support Staff

We have a residence support team available to help you with any needs you may have during your time living in the residential halls. Our team provides the ResLife Education Programme which is full of activities and experiences to enhance your residential experience and ensure you make the most of your time on-campus.

Your welfare is especially important to us. The Student Life Team cares for welfare concerns and disciplinary issues, working closely with all support and referral services on-campus to ensure the well-being of all residents.

Ella Boyd and Watson Hall ResLife Management

ResLife management are responsible for managing the residences with particular emphasis on residents' well-being, spiritual and pastoral care and academic matters, via the delivery of the ResLife Education Programme across the residential community.

ResLife Support Team

The student Res Mentors form an integral part of the ResLife team. Your Res Mentors are your first point of contact for any questions, queries, and assistance. They help support the well-being of residents, assisting in the transition to independent living and provide generalized support. The Res Mentor team are provided with extensive training across several different areas including mental health first aid, first aid, sexual consent, hazing and creating respectful environments.

Between our Campus Security Officers, ResLife management team or a Res Mentor, someone is always around to help.

Residential Hall Facilities


All rooms are fully furnished, containing bed/s, desk/s, bookshelf, cupboards, drawers, shelves and chair/s. All rooms have window have blinds/curtains.

Subject to space you are welcome to add additional furniture to each room, such as a bar-sized refrigerator (up to 140L), television, lounge chair, coffee table and extra shelving. All personal items must be removed at the end of your stay.

Depending on demand, you may be asked to share a room (Watson Hall).


All residential halls feature shared bathroom and toilet facilities.

Common Rooms/Kitchenettes

Common rooms are located on each floor. Kitchenettes are provided in the residential halls. Kitchenettes contain a refrigerator/freezer, stove, microwave oven, and kettle. Students to supply their own cooking appliances and utensils.


Washing machines, dryers, clothes lines and drying rooms are available in each residence. Washing machines are free of charge. Tumble dryers are $2 per 40min drying cycle. All machines are top-loaders and top-loader washing powder is recommended for all machines.

Irons and ironing boards are available in the residences, however many residents choose to bring their own.

Mail Boxes

Mail boxes for incoming mail are situated in each residence.


Storage facilities are available for the keeping of personal items when you aren't staying in the residences.

Small items should be packed in cartons, sealed, labeled with your name and date the item was put in storage. Storage for large items is dependent on space available. Unclaimed items that have been stored for more than 3 months will be deemed as unwanted and disposed of.

Guest Rooms

A number of guest rooms are available in all residences for parents and friends of students. Rooms can be booked through Avondale reception on 02 4980 2222 or [email protected].

Info, Guides, Resources

Occupancy Agreement

The Occupancy Agreement may be amended at any point in time by Avondale University. Please click on the link for the most recent version of the Conditions of Occupancy .

Schedule of Charges

For most students there should be limited additional charges as part of their standard stay. There are additional accommodation/rent charges for early arrivals and extended stays outside the semester periods.

Some of the following charges may apply:

Cleaning charge - $30 per hour
Covering smoke detector - $100
Damages charge - on a case-by-case basis (cost plus labour)
Discipline fine - $ dependent on type of infringement
Fire service call out - $ charged at full invoice cost of the call out
Mattress protector replacement - $50
Mattress replacement - $300
Noise curfew breached - $25
Overnight guest breach - $50
Room lockout - no charge for first occasion, further occasions will incur a change of $30
Room move fee - TBC per move
Unauthorised room change - $110
Work health safety (WHS) breach - $50

Late Payment Charges

Late payment charges may be applied to the accounts of Avondale University students who do not pay their Residence Hall fees by the due date. For more information please refer to the financial policies Student Late Payment Charge.