Postal Services

Each residential student has their own private mail box, with mail deliveries occurring daily. Incoming mail for day students is distributed in the day student mail boxes located in Student Services (Lower College Hall). Day student mail boxes are not secure, so it is advised that you use your home address or open a postal mailbox. During semester breaks, only mail for students living in the student family units will be available in the day student mail boxes. All other mail will be held or forwarded to the nominated correspondence address in Student Connect.

On Avondale's Lake Macquarie campus, outgoing mail can be posted at the Bookshop or at Reception (Administration Building). Stamps and postal supplies can also be purchased at the Bookshop.

An Australia Post outlet is also located at the end of College Drive in Cooranbong, for any additional postal needs.

If you are wanting to send mail to residential students, please see for address information.