Spiritual Life

Avondale’s spiritual focus is part of what makes us unique—it’s been the core of our existence since the beginning. Our history as a Christian higher education provider means our spiritual focus impacts everything we do, and each fresh group of faces helps shape Avondale’s spiritual identity.
There are plenty of opportunities for spiritual growth on campus, with weekly services, outreach programs and special events all contributing to Avondale’s community.

Avondale University Church

Located on the Lake Macquarie campus, Avondale University Church provides a focal point for the spiritual life on campus. With a vision of “Worship, Love, Learn, Serve,” the church aims to provide students with a church experience that is as enriching and relevant as possible. Avondale University Church holds weekly services on Saturday mornings and hosts the 7:28 program during the academic year. The weekly services are also available to watch live online through the church’s website.

Avondale University Church

For those studying on the Sydney campus there are several churches nearby. The Wahroonga and Fox Valley Seventh-day Adventist churches are within walking distance of the Sydney Adventist Hospital, where Avondale’s Sydney campus is based.


Each Friday evening during semester, the SALT program is hosted in Ella Hughes Chapel, a contemporary service run for and by the youth of Avondale and the surrounding community. The name SALT refers to the inspiration for service, which comes from Mark 9:50, "Salt is good, but if it loses its saltiness, how can you make it salty again? Have salt among yourselves, and be at peace with each other".

The Bridge

Twice a semester, SALT runs "The Bridge", a student-led church service which combines both Avondale University and high school students in one place on campus. The purpose is to provide an intergenerational atmosphere of church where by high school students can worship alongside university students; to be fed spiritually and socially: to be shown Jesus.


On Wednesdays during semester the Chaplaincy Department hosts PULSE, a community-building event that brings staff and students, both on- and off-campus, together for a time of fellowship and activity. PULSE takes place outside (weather permitting) in the centre of Lake Macquarie campus and includes a variety of games, live music, and stalls. The initiative aims to bring together students with both spiritual and non-spiritual backgrounds in a relaxed and stress-free environment.

Festival of Faith

For one week each semester, Avondale hosts Festival of Faith (FOF) on both the Lake Macquarie and Sydney campuses. FOF features nightly talks by powerful and inspirational speakers from around the world, as well as other social and relational activities throughout the week.