Honour Roll

This roll honours women who have served and are serving in Seventh-day Adventist pastoral, chaplaincy and theological education ministries in the South Pacific.

The roll is a work in progress.

It notes:
  • First name
  • Maiden name if applicable
  • Last name
  • Date when contracted ministry began
  • Commissioning with the title “Pr” if applicable
  • Doctorates with the title “Dr” if applicable

The roll is presented alphabetically by last name and, for now, includes last known location by union/conference/mission or entity.

If you notice blanks in any details, including missing women, possible comissioning, date of first contracted/employed ministry service, we would love to hear from you. We need details of any women of which you are aware who have served or are serving in any of the three ministry categories. You can help by providing these details to Women in Ministry trustee Dr Lyell Heise ([email protected]).

Thank you for your interest.

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Hannah Andrykanus, VIC
Rosemary Andrykanus, VIC
Sarah Arati, Cook Islands
Lynae Baea, PNG
Lyiata Ballangarry, NNSW
Cheryl Bird, Avondale University
Berthlyn Bule, Vanuatu
Pr Joy Butler, South Pacific Division
Pr Dr Helena Butova, VIC
Keira Bullock, NNZ
Elena Button, NNSW
Camila Ito Capel, NNSW
Pr Bethany (Holland-Lillehagen) Chapman, NNSW
Soman Chu, GS
Janet (Augustinsen) Cook, SA
Pr Chrissie Cooper, VIC
Pr Kylie (Ward) Cullinan 2000, New Zealand Pacific Union
Nerolyn Daboyan, PNG
Jody (Donovan) Eddy, VIC
Nancy Enopa, PNG
Jacinta Epok, PNG
Martha Esao, PNG
Elsie Fakasori, Solomon Islands
Julie Fehlberg, Sydney Adventist Hospital
Pr Carole (Grave) Ferch-Johnson
Sharyn Harrington, South Queensland
Theresa Henry, PNG
Karen (Chilcott) Horsley, VIC
Dr Wendy Jackson, Avondale University
Beulah James, NNSW
Kara (Dale) Johnsson, SQ
Kerina-Lee Joy, VIC
Winnifred Japson, PNG
Hazriel John, PNG
Mirriam John, PNG
Dalcy Kaituu, Solomon Islands
Brenda Kamba, PNG
Janis Kanelis-Loftus, Sydney Adventist Hospital
Alice (Teko) Kaupa, PNG
Sue (Redman) Keck, GS
Sandra Kelly, WA
Lina Kera, PNG
Pr Jinha Kim, VIC
Pr Dr Agnes Kola, PNG
Pr Dorolyn Laloyer, Vanuatu
Jen (Betham) Lang, NNZ
Miranda Leijser, WA
Annalise Lindsay, SQ
Ana Lolohea, Greater Sydney
Mele (Bidwell) Lolohea, Greater Sydney
Misinale Lolohea, Tonga
Pr Nalissa Maberly, Sydney Adventist Hospital
Sarah (Wheelan) McMurtry
Susan (Fodor) Magaitis, NNSW
Taunese Marsh, Greater Sydney
Pr Romina Masih, SNZ
Beth (Nichols) McMurtrie, NNSW
Sylvia Mendez, VIC
Dale Mikiwai, Fiji
Leticia Moreno, WA
Kathleen Morimai, PNG
Karen (Miller) Muirhead, NNSW
Nan Shwe Myat Kyaw, VIC
Alice Nathan, PNG
Karyn Newson, NNZ
Nellie Oa, PNG
Pr Lili (Radziszewski) Panozzo, VIC
Pr Marilyn Pasione, NNZ
Pr Lyndelle (Knight) Peterson, Greater Sydney
Angela Pone, PNG
Ashika (Chand) Prasad, Fiji
Jocabed Pomaleu, PNG
Pr Alina (Coccetti) Van Rensburg, SQ
Barbara (Vaughan) Reynolds, WA
Pr Kelly (Fry) Richards, SQ
Ainsley Robson, WA
Clansi (Roy) Rogers, SNSW
Kelera Rokeva, Fiji
Annie Ruthven, SA
Wendy Saluni VIC
Tracey Saylor, WA
Pr Dr Danijela Schubert, PAU
Lea-anne Smith, NA
Pr Dr Drene Somasundram, Avondale University
Lindy Sperring, VIC
Robyn (Chisolm) Stanley, VIC
Sussie Stanley, Sonoma College, PNG
Pr Moe (Ioane) Stiles, VIC
Danuta (Markosz) Stockwell, NNSW
Faye Stothers, VIC
Ruth Tae, PNG
Lynn Tapa, PNG
Crystal (Shearer) Taylor, WA
Lynelda Tippo, NNSW
Emiy Toa, Vanuatu
Connie (Merritt) Toga, VIC
Pr Daniela Trajkov, VIC
Jessica Trevithick
Robyne Trim, NNSW
Amy Turner, WA
Melissa Vakaloloma, Fiji
Pr Piroszka Vranyakne-Feith, WA
Debbie (Hamilton) Watanabe, SNSW
Pr Sally (Hall) Watson, NNSW
Lolet Worwor, Vanuatu

Naomi (last name not known), Kiribati
Jocelyn (last name not known), PNG

Updated March 25, 2018