Student Associations

Our organized clubs and interest groups provide opportunity in a wide range of sporting, community services and cultural activities. It is one of the easiest ways to get involved, meet new people, and add to your Avondale Experience.



ASA exists as a student representative committee. We are here to make sure that we can get the best deal for everyone, to make the college experience the most fulfilling it can be.To see updated information on College Life, like us on Facebook



ANSA exists as a sudent representative committee for the Sydney Campus that allows the student body to have input into the running of student life.

The ASA is made up of several sub-committees: Social Activities Committee (SAC) | Student Associated Ministries (SAM) | The Voice | Avondale Nursing Student Association (ANSA) | One Mission

Social Activities Committee (SAC)
SAC organizes social events and activities throughout the year to ensure inclusivity and social interactions.

Follow the ASA Facebook link for information on upcoming events.

Student Associated Ministries (SAM)
SAM lives and breathes to serve God and is driven to encourage others to do likewise. SAM runs Festival of Faith and organizes LAMP ministries. It is a vibrant group of passionate believers.

The Voice
ASA publishes The Voice, the student magazine of Avondale. It welcomes contributions from students with abilities and interests in creative writing, journalism, marketing and photography. An editorial team appointed by Avondale’s Student Life Services publishes at least six issues of The Voice during the academic year.

One Mission
One Mission is a not-for-profit organisation operated in affiliation with Avondale, Adventist Volunteer Services (AVS), Adventist Disaster and Relief Angency (ADRA), and International Children’s Care (ICC), which aims to mobilise volunteers by providing carefully selected community development projects within Australia and
developing countries around the world. To date, One Mission has been involved in projects in Cambodia, Fiji, Botswana, India, Mozambique, Nepal, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, Tanzania and Thailand. Projects generally operate from three to six weeks at a time, which fits in ideally during the mid-year break.