Drug Free Environment

Avondale University has a drug free policy. ‘Drug free’ means abstinence from the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco and mind-altering drugs, and from the abuse of prescription drugs. Avondale also upholds all laws which prohibit the possession, use, manufacture or distribution of controlled substances. The possession of paraphernalia and use of ‘look alike’ or designer drugs is also prohibited.

Violation of Avondale’s drug free policy will result in disciplinary action being taken by the College. The primary intent of discipline is rehabilitative. However, persons involved at any time in the promotion, manufacture and/or distribution of these substances will be excluded from the College. Further, violation of any laws regarding controlled substances will be reported by the College to the appropriate authorities.

A breach of the drug free policy may result in any or all of the following actions being taken: mandatory suspension from classes for a minimum of one day during which time the student will be referred for assessment to determine appropriate rehabilitative procedures (student’s expense); a four-week special probation that prohibits off-campus leave (residential students); a mandatory educational program; assignment to a peer support student; notification to parent/guardian if offender is under 18 years of age; restitutionary payments; or exclusion.