Apply to study with the Conservatorium of Music at Avondale University College through an easy five-step process.

1. Confirm eligibility (see Music Student Information booklet)
2. Apply to study at Avondale University College.
3. Fill out the Conservatorium Application Form
4. Complete Performance (audition live or via electronic submission), and Theory/Musicianship evaluations.
5. Finalise enrolment

Apply Now for Mid-Year Entry

Music courses are available at a certificate, undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The Application Form guides you through these steps for entry into Avondale Conservatorium. It also answers frequently asked questions. For more information, contact Avondale Conservatorium or read the Music Student Information booklet.

Conservatorium Application Form
Music Student Information
Avondale Conservatorium Scholarship

If you are interested in auditioning but have missed the closing date, contact Avondale Conservatorium as places may still be available.