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Course Convenors

School of Arts and Business

Head of School: Dr Lynnette Lounsbury

Undergraduate Certificate of Business 4340
Diploma of Business 4344
Bachelor of Business 4350
Assoc Prof Seedwell Sithole

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management 2043
Graduate Diploma in Leadership and Management 2044
Master of Business Administration 2047
Dr Warrick Long

Bachelor of Arts 4000
Dr Daniel Carrigy

Strand Convenors
Chaplaincy: Mr Hensley Gungadoo
Communication: Dr Lynnette Lounsbury
Counselling: Dr Paul Bogacs
English: Dr Lynnette Lounsbury
Geography: Dr Jason Morton
History: Dr Daniel Carrigy
Maths: Dr Gemma Christian
Music: Dr Aleta King
Psychology: Ms Mikaela Matthes
Religious Studies: Pr Hensley Gungadoo
Visual Arts: Dr Richard Morris
Visual Communication: Dr Richard Morris

Bachelor of Arts (Counselling) 4005
Graduate Certificate in Counselling 2063
Graduate Diploma in Counselling 2035
Dr Paul Bogacs

Strand Convenor
Psychology: Mrs Mikaela Matthes

School of Education and Science

Head of School: Assoc Prof Sherry Hattingh

Undergraduate Certificate in Science 4046
Dr Gemma Christian

Undergraduate Certificate in University Preparation 4966
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Birth – 12 years) 4210
Ms Sandra Ludlow

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) 4220
Ms Sharee Tagala

Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching (Secondary) 4230
Dr Jenna Lynn

Strand Convenors
BA component: Dr Lynnette Lounsbury
Health & PE: Ms Wendi Herman
Industrial Technology: Dr Robyn Pearce
TAS: Dr Robyn Pearce

Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching 4400
Master of Teaching (Secondary) 2058
Dr Jenna Lynn – Science component: Dr Gemma Christian

Master of Teaching (Primary) 2056
Ms Sharee Tagala

Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies 2030
Master of Education 2050
Dr Michelle Ralston

School of Ministry and Theology

Head of School: Dr Wendy Jackson

Associate Degree of Theological Studies 4872
Bachelor of Theology 4871
Graduate Diploma of Ministry and Theology (teach out) 4887
Master of Ministry 2016
Bachelor of Ministry and Theology 4876
Mr Hensley Gungadoo

Master of Arts 2005
Dr Anthony MacPherson

School of Nursing and Health

Head of School: Mrs Tamera Gosling

Bachelor of Nursing 4030
Ms Melanie Mahura

Master of Nursing 2094
Dr Sonja Dawson

Graduate Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine 2084
Graduate Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine 2085
Master of Lifestyle Medicine 2086
Dr Mel Renfrew

Higher Degrees by Research

Head of School: Dr Jason Morton

Master of Philosophy 5002
Doctor of Philosophy 5001
Dr Jason Morton

Vocational Education and Training (VET)

VET Coordinator: Mrs Monica Harrison

CHC3021 Certificate III in Individual Support
Ms Melanie Windus

SIS30619 Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership (part qualification)
SIS40621 Certificate IV in Outdoor Leadership
SIS50421 Diploma of Outdoor Leadership
Mr David Low

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