Bachelor of Ministry and Theology (Honours)





4 Years full-time**

Lake Macquarie Campus

*Distance education available for some units
**or part-time equivalent


Avondale’s courses in Ministry and Theology prepare you for work in a range of not-for-profit and church organisations as well as government and private organisations. The ministry qualifications are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to build a strong church and community.


Avondale’s Bachelor of Ministry and Theology (Honours) is designed to prepare students for employment in Ministry in Seventh-day Adventist churches and organisations, and other Christian denominational churches. The course provides a foundation in ministry and theology and the resources required to work as an employed minister. Within the bachelor degree, a variant and elective in chaplaincy is now also available , providing greater career opportunities.
The honours course provides you with advanced study and further pastoral and theological reflection.
The Bachelor of Ministry and Theology (Honours) is offered either on-campus or via distance education, allowing you to fit your study around work, social or family commitments. With practical experience opportunities, strong industry contacts and one-on-one support, you are provided the opportunity to be work-ready upon graduation.


The Bachelor of Ministry & Theology (Honours) is designed to prepare you for employed ministry in Seventh-day Adventist churches and organisations, and other Christian denominational churches.


Students can only enroll in the Bachelor of Ministry and Theology (Honours) program if you have a WAM greater than 70 at the completion of the second year of your Bachelor of Ministry and Theology program and have been approved to join the program by the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee.


  • 32 units of 6 credit points spread over 4 years of full time study
  • 2 units of Biblical languages
  • 1 introductory Psychology unit
  • 1 unit of Seventh-day Adventist History and Heritage
  • 1 unit of Youth Ministry
  • 8 units (a major) in Biblical Studies including one unit at 400 level
  • 8 units (a major) in Theology including one unit at 400 level
  • 8 units (a major) in Church Ministry including one unit at 400 level.
  • 3 honours research units

All students complete a major in Biblical Studies, Theology and Church Ministry.
Core units
  • CHMN16140 Introduction to Psychology for Ministry
  • THEO16120 Introduction to Adventist Heritage
  • BBOT16100 Hebrew A
  • BBNT26110 Greek I
  • THHN46110 Honours Methodology and Thesis Proposal
  • THHN46120 Ministry and Theology Honours Thesis

Biblical Studies Units
  • BBNT16120 Pauline Studies I
  • BBOT26120 Torah
  • BBOT26110 Hebrew Prophets
  • BBNT36110 Exegesis in John Prereq: BBNT26110
  • BBNT36120 Exegesis in Matthew Prereq: BBNT26110
  • BBNT46120 Pauline Studies Prereq: BBNT26110
  • BBOT36110 Daniel Prereq: BBOT16110
  • BBNT36140 Revelation Prereq: BBNT26110 + 1 X 300 level BBNT unit

Theology Units
  • THEO16110 Theology & Faith
  • THEO16130 Survey of Ethics & Philosophy
  • THEO26110 Revelation, Inspiration & Hermeneutics Prereq: THEO16110
  • THEO26120 Early & Medieval Christianity Prereq: THEO16120 or any HIST unit
  • THEO26130 Religion & Belief in Australasia Prereq: THEO16110
  • THEO36110 Salvation & Eschatology Prereq: 1 X 200-level THEO unit
  • THEO46150 Doctrine of the Church & Sabbath Prereq: 1 X 200-level


All core Christian Ministry units with the exception of the introductory unit CHMN 16140 (Introduction to Psychology for Ministry) and CHMN26170 (Contemporary Youth Ministry) are associated with either a church placement, or, a ministry practicum externship which is worth 20% of the grade for the unit.

Church placements are central to ministry formation. They involve the placement of students in a local church as a trainee pastor under the guidance of a mentor who meets regularly with the student. Church placement allows students to integrate theological content with practical ministry, and provides students the opportunity to experience and experiment with ministry in a variety of different circumstances.

Reflection on your experience helps you to develop knowledge of your own gifting, strengths, and weaknesses.

Church placements are associated with the following units:

  • CHMN16110 Biblical Spirituality and Ministry
  • CHMN16120 Worship and Communication
  • CHMN26110 Ministry and Church Leadership 1
  • CHMN26140 Preaching
  • CHMN36110 Ministry and Church Leadership 2
  • CHMN36120 Contemporary Ministry to Families


Due to the access that students have to minors and at risk infividuals in teh church context all students need to undergo a national police check prior to admission. In addition you must have a current Working With Children Check and undergo Safe Places Training.


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