Code of Professional Ethics - New Applicants

Avondale Seminary is deeply committed to equipping people for Christian ministry. Our conviction is that ministry training should proceed in an atmosphere consistent with the highest biblical and Christian ethical standards and principles. Therefore, we expect all ministry applicants to willingly accept such principles as a guide in all associations.

This form is valid for 12 months from the submission date. Next year, and each year after that, students will complete this form.

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I solemnly declare that I have never had a criminal conviction* or sustained findings for misconduct or breach of professional standards by a registration body, commission, appeals court or tribunal. I have carefully read the Code of Professional Ethics and Avoiding and Preventing Harassment and Abuse from the Ministry Practicum Handbook. I intend to abide by these standards. I am also aware that any conviction/participation in drug or child-related offences will inhibit my future employment in ministry.

IMPORTANT: Upon submitting this form, you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive the email, contact the Student Onboarding Team by emailing [email protected] or call +61 2 4980 2377.