Inherent Requirements Acknowledgement

Please read the document Inherent Requirements for (Undergraduate) Nursing Courses.

Inherent requirements are essential in becoming a registered nurse and may be used to assess any conditions or disabilities and/or to make reasonable adjustments. While on clinical placement, you will be exposed to the same situations and tasks as that of a registered nurse and some will require specific mental and physical skills and abilities.

Avondale University College (Avondale) has obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act1992 (Cth), the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) and the Disability Standards for Education 2005 (Cth) to ensure that reasonable adjustments are available. Adjustments must be reasonable and cannot compromise the academic integ­rity of a course. Reasonable adjustments are provided to assist students to achieve the inherent requirements, not as a substitute for them. For more information, contact our Equity Office on +61 2 4980 2293 or visit

NOTE: Our capacity to accommodate eligible requests is subject to the availability of clinical placements provided to Avondale and/or healthcare facility limitations. Where it is determined that inherent requirements cannot be met with reasonable adjustments, Avondale staff will provide guidance regarding other study options.

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  • I have read the Inherent Requirements for (Undergraduate) Nursing Courses
  • I understand my responsibilities and placement expectations
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