Avondale's Academic Integrity Module (AIM) is about helping you to make it as a successful student.
AIM provides information on:

  • Understanding academic integrity and its importance
  • Ethical scholarship behaviours
  • Unethical academic scholarship or academic misconduct
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a student at Avondale

AIM is compulsory for all newly enrolled students and your completion certificate must be presented with your first assignment. However, we recommend you complete AIM within the first few weeks of your enrolment. You will find the module listed with your units when you log into Moodle. Once you have satisfactorily completed AIM, options will appear for printing your completion certificate. The AIM module will stay on your Moodle dashboard should you wish to review any of the academic integrity information. Failure to complete AIM will lead to an academic encumbrance.

Login to Moodle to begin- it is self-paced and should take approximately an hour.