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What is a loan?
A loan is required before access to an EBL ebook can be made available for an extended period of time. Creating a loan will activate full text access for the length of the loan, and enable print and copy functionality.

Note: To continue accessing the ebook once a loan has expired, simply create or request another loan as you did your initial loan.

* Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) or a similar eBook reader is required to download ebooks for reading offline.
* To print or copy from the the Proquest EBL Central Online Reader, you are required to install Adobe Reader.

Can I download Poquest EBL Central ebooks?
You'll find download buttons on either the full record page, or on the "Download" tab in the EBL Online Reader.

Ebooks downloaded to personal computers are read via Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) or another similar eBook reader. Please ensure you have this free software installed before downloading.

Patrons using iPads, iPhones or Android devices can download and read EBL content via the free Bluefire Reader app.

Note: If you are working on a computer that is shared by others (for example, a PC in your library or elsewhere on campus), you should always choose to read ebooks online.

Can I read Proquest EBL Central ebooks on portable devices?
Patrons using iPads, iPhones or Android devices can download and read EBL content via the free Bluefire Reader app.

Downloaded EBL ebooks can also be transferred to any portable ebook reader that supports Adobe Digital Editions (ADE). There's a list of these compatible devices on the ADE website.

In addition to these options, all portable devices with browser support can access EBL and Read Online via the web.

What does "browse" mean?
You can "browse" the full text of any ebook before deciding if you'd like to loan it. You can browse for 5-10 minutes after which time you'll be prompted to download the book.

How much can I print or copy from each ebook?
Printing is restricted to 20% of each ebook, and copying 5%. Similar restrictions apply when you read ebooks offline.

The eBook system manages these allowances automatically. Remaining print/copy balances can be viewed for each ebook on the Details tab in the Online Reader. The EBL Print Screen will also tally your remaining print balance while you print.

Notes and Bookmarks
Notes can be created on any page in the Online Reader - just visit the 'Notes' tab. Once created, Notes can be accessed via the Bookmarks button on your EBL Bookshelf, or via the Bookmarks tab on the corresponding book's details page. You can also export bookmarks straight into your preferred citation tool.

How do I find ebooks on EBL?
EBL offers four distinct search functions to assist you in finding relevant ebooks quickly and easily:

* Quick Search: works much like any web search by cross-searching data across the EBL catalog to retrieve and rank the most relevant results.
* Full Text Search: searches the entire contents of all ebooks to retrieve and rank the most relevant results.
* Advanced Search: allows for more complex searching by limiting to, or excluding, multiple search criteria.
* EBL Category Browse: displays a complete list of ebooks available within a particular subject category.