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FAQs from the EndNote web site

If EndNote will not install:
  • Check that no Windows program (such as Word, Outlook etc) is open
  • You may need to uninstall previous versions of EndNote from your computer
  • Make sure you are installing the correct version of EndNote
  • You may need to temporarily disable any virus checking software you have running

My citations look like this {Harrison, 2005 #22} How can I change them?
When I try to add page numbers using CWYW the page numbers will not appear.
How do I edit my citations or footnotes?

How do I delete a reference I have inserted into Word? (See: Removing a citation, on slide 5.)
How do I import references from Google Scholar?
How do I create a separate bibliography at the end of each chapter within a single Word document?
How do I double-space my bibliography?
How do I remove duplicates from my EndNote library?
I just want a bibliography without any citations. Can I do this?

I am trying to type in a corporate author but it looks funny. What am I doing wrong?
My journal titles are downloading in an abbreviated form. How can I change this?

Transferring files
How can I import into EndNote a bibliography I created in Microsoft Word?
If you have just a few references, you may want to manually create new records in EndNote and copy and paste the reference elements into the appropriate fields. If you have an extensive reference list, consider doing a bulk import by following the steps in this document.

How do I ....
Modify a reference style?
Modify a reference type?
Compress my EndNote library and email it to myself?
Create an EndNote record by importing a pdf with a doi?
Reset my sync function, to stop my references duplicating?

What's new with EndNote X9?
The latest version of EndNote has new features such as
  • Enhanced reference sharing capabilities
  • Custom groups can be shared with other EndNote Online users
  • Complete libraries can be shared with with either read-write or read-only access
  • New reference types are available for TV episodes, social media, multimedia applications and discussion forums
  • Increased integration with Web of Science
  • The Create Citation Report feature generates a citation report for selected references

    • What's new with EndNote X8?The latest version of EndNote has new features such as
      • Support for the latest operating systems
      • Similar, more intuitive icons in Windows and Mac
      • New reference update features
      • Two new tools in the Groups panel
      • Improved library sharing
      • Activity feed for library changes

      What was new with EndNote X7?
      • Brand-new library sharing with up to 14 colleagues, anywhere in the world
      • Background synchronization so your work is continuously saved online
      • Advanced PDF importing, file naming and organizing
      • Expanded format options, with more than 6,000 reference styles
      • Bibliography subheadings for more control and flexibility
      • New choices for organizing your research materials
      • New reference types such as interview, podcast, conference paper and press release
      • A plug-in for adding citations to Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides (Windows only)

      EndNote X7 syncs all your citations, attachments, reference groups and annotations so you have access anywhere, anytime.