Printing and Photocoping

How do I print?

Lake Macquarie Campus
There are three photocopiers/printers in the library, one in White 113 and in the dorms.
At the computer, make sure My Print Queue on LMPR0801 has been selected as the printer. If you want to print in colour, select 'colour' from Properties. Press Print and a message will appear telling you your job has been held in a queue.

At the printer:
  • Scan your ID card over the black card reader
  • Choose FILE and select the one you want to print
  • Choose PRINT or CANCEL JOB. Document will print and charge accordingly
  • Choose LOG OFF

Sydney Campus
FNHLIBLANIER is the default printer, then follow the instructions as above.

Can I print from my laptop?
Yes. Click here for up to date instructions.

What happens to print jobs that are left on the printer?
If the owner can be identified, they may be contacted and given the opportunity to claim the document. Any unclaimed or unnamed print jobs are placed in the paper tray on the stationary table (near the newspapers and magazines stand) for use as scrap paper. Documents of a sensitive nature will be temporarily kept by library staff and, where possible, the owner contacted. If not claimed, these may be shredded.

My document printed in colour, but I only wanted black and white
Check the settings back at your computer. If you want black and white choose FILE - PRINT - PROPERTIES and change from colour to black and white.

I sent something to the printer but there is nothing there to print
Could be either that you have no print credit or you have not selected the correct printer or there is no paper in the photocopier.

1. To check your print credit double click the Papercut icon on the bottom right hand side of your screen. You may purchase more print credit from the Loans Desk.

2. Ensure that My Print Queue on LMPR0801 has been selected as the printer.

3. Ask a Librarian to check the paper levels in the photocopier.

4. The connection from your computer to the printer may have dropped out. Check the leads are still connected at the back - or try another computer!