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Ebook Library (EBL) loans books to you online!

READ ONLINE Once you have chosen a book you have 15 minutes to browse it online. Read the contents, do a word search or examine the details.

DOWNLOAD the book if you want to borrow it. Choose to borrow for 1 - 4 days.
Books will then be autmatically returned, but you can borrow again if you wish.

NOTES Make notes, or copy and paste sections as you read to help with your research

READ ALOUD You can listen to the book as it is read aloud to you

DICTIONARY Quickly look up any word you don't know

CITE THIS BOOK Download bibliographic details straight into EndNote

COPY or print from the book. A record is kept for copyright reasons of your print allowance with each book.

Number of users allowed

The Ebook Library allows an unlimited number of concurrent users

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