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This collection will benefit a great variety of professionals and researchers involved with Indigenous issues such anthropologists, archaeologists, and people working in government departments, health services, legal services, museums, as well as in Aboriginal land councils and other Indigenous organisations.

With a broad range of international Indigenous research resources brought together, the Informit Indigenous Collection offers a variety of content on both historical and topical issues within Indigenous studies. Readily available, the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary framework encompasses anthropology, community development, cultural studies, economics, education, health, history, human geography, law and land rights, literature, politics and policymaking, (post)colonial studies, psychology, race studies, sociology and visual and performing arts.

The Informit Indigenous Collection gives access to emergent and ground breaking research within the global community offering scope for critical international engagement and debate. With material from Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, North America and The Pacific which normally is not easily located in standard recourses, IIC is a platform for Indigenous worldviews.

11384 records; Full text publications: 1977- ; Index: 1977-

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