Informit EduTV makes it easy for lecturers and students to find and watch relevant television content instantly. The database contains over 30,000 programs including documentaries, drama and series. Informit EduTV is an essential resource for teaching and learning and allows institutions to derive maximum benefit from their Screenrights broadcast licence.

To make full use of EduTV features, such as adding videos to Favourite folders and creating clips, you will need to register and create an account.


You will need to register using your Avondale email address. Once you complete the registration form, an email will be sent to your Avondale email address with information about your EduTV account username and password. The email will also contain a few video tutorial to get you started with using EduTV, including how to make clips from EduTV videos.

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for information on registering with EduTV: Register with EduTV

Features and benefits

  • Immediate streaming access to over 30,000 programs
  • Content includes documentaries, drama, series and more from free-to-air and pay TV
  • Archives of programs starting from 2006 with up to 80 new programs added weekly
  • Instant institutional login—IP address authentication
  • Accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Simple and advanced searching with programs classified by subject areas