What is EndNote?

EndNote is a program that helps you with your referencing. Easily insert in-text citations and reference lists into your assignment in your chosen style* and let EndNote worry about the formatting!

You may like to watch this Introduction to EndNote

Download EndNote

You will need to accept the conditions of the License Agreement and then select the appropriate version of EndNote for your operating system. See Conditions of use

Download EndNote

When downloading EndNote 20 both files (EN20Inst and License) must be extracted from .zip folder and placed together in your computer's downloads folder

If you are upgrading from a previous version of EndNote, your records will be saved and loaded into the new version, but it's a good idea to back up your libraries and edited styles. It's best to uninstall the old Endnote before installing the new version, as it can interfere with linking to Word. Instructions.

If you are UPDATING the EndNote version on your Mac, make sure you download the Avondale University version, otherwise you’ll only get temporary access. Here’s how: When you check for updates, follow the prompts until you get to ‘update existing copy.’ At this point, check that it’s the Avondale University version before pressing ‘yes’.

How to use EndNote

Help From Library Staff

If you have a question about how to use Endnote check with the staff at the Library Loans Desk, phone (02) 4980 2257, or email a reference librarian.

Avondale's reference librarians can teach you how to use EndNote, in group or individual settings, face-to-face or via an online meeting. Training workshops are run each semester by Library staff on the Lake Macquarie Campus. Other training sessions can be organised on request. Link to the Workshop and training schedule

How to install additional STYLES

1. Download the style APA 7th editioin
2. Double-click the style file. It should open in EndNote
3. On the open style, go to “File Menu” and choose “Save As”. Replace the word “copy” with your style’s name and click “Save”.
4. Click on “File Menu” and choose “Close Style”
5. Then Go back to your EndNote Library and go to "select another style". Choose it from the list

Where to save your styles

The 400 styles which come with EndNote are usually located in this location: These can stay here
C:Program FilesEndNoteStyles

Any extra styles will need to be saved outside of your Program files, into your personal styles folder. EndNote will then merge these folders into one list when you go to choose a style.

To find the correct folder location for your personal styles folder, first open EndNote and look in Edit>Preferences>Folder locations. This will tell you the default file path. The first time you should create the Styles folder following this pattern.
It will look similar to this:
C:UsersUserNameMy DocumentsEndNoteStyles
Save any modified styles you download into your personal styles folder

EndNote training

In addition to help from the library staff, there is also a range of training options below, including printable notes, online guides, and video tutorials. Keep scrolling for help using EndNote on a Mac, and using EndNote with Pages.

Using EndNote on a Mac

Download a Quick Reference Guide to using EndNote X8 on a Mac
Download Notes for basic use of EndNote on a Mac in an Avondale environment
Download a detailed User Manual for using EndNote on a Mac

* Remember

Referencing tools sometimes get it wrong. You always need to check the final result and make sure it follows the rules for the style of referencing you’re using. For referencing guides, click here