Print reference resources can be found at the following Call numbers:
R 909
R 930-998

How to find Books

Search using PrimoSearch


  • Type one or more words you are looking for and click the Search button
  • Limit the results to books by clicking Books on the left under Resource Types
  • To search for a phrase, put quotation marks around the phrase. For example, to search for global warming as one term, type in "global warming"
  • You can search for items that contain at least one of the words or phrases you type in the Search box. To do so, type OR between the words or phrases. For example, to search for items with the word Irish or the word Celtic, type irish OR celtic
  • You can exclude items that contain specific words or phrases. To do so, type NOT and then type the word or phrase to exclude. For example, to search for items with the word Celtic and exclude any of these items with the word Irish, type irish NOT celtic
  • You can include wildcard characters in your searches. Use ? for a single character. For example type wom?n to search for records that contain the words woman and women. Use * for multiple endings. For example cultur* will search for records that use the words culture, cultural and culturally.
  • To access only books that are not on loan select Available in the library under Show only
  • To read books online, select Ebooks from the left under Resource Types

To search:
  • Enter keyword/s or phrase into PrimoSearch using the techniques above
  • Or, perform an Advanced Search and limit by author, title, etc

Browse the Library collections using the following Call numbers:

230 Christianity Christian theology
266 Missions
270 History of Christianity & Christians
302 Social interaction
303 Social processes
304 Factors affecting social behaviour
306 Culture & institutions
320 Political science
322 Relation of state to organized groups
325 International migration & colonization
326 Slavery & emancipation
327 International relations
337 International economics
909 World history
930 History of ancient world to ca. 499 - 998 Arctic islands & Antarctica