Online Government Links

Australian Government

Link to Australian Government Information
These are general sites for researching the Australian government on the Internet and provide a starting place for researchers in this field. They provide a diverse range of information on Australian government resources as well as providing links to other useful sites.


New Zealand Government

Link to New Zealand Government Information
Find government information fast! This site is where you can find information, images and resources from all New Zealand government agencies and government funded sites.
You can use the powerful search engine or browse through key topics that take you direct to the source.

Governments on the World Wide Web

Link to Governments on the World Wide Web

In particular, this database includes:
  • institutions of the legislative branch (parliaments)
  • institutions of the executive branch (ministries, agencies, administrations, offices, institutes, councils, committees and others)
  • institutions of the judicative branch (law courts)
  • governmental representations in foreign countries (embassies, consulates and others)
  • some other government-related institutions

In addition, this database includes:
  • political parties and party alliances (on national, regional and municipal level)
  • parliamentary groups, youth organizations etc. of political parties (only on national level)