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[email protected] is an institutional repository of the research and scholarly output produced by Avondale staff and post-graduate students. It contributes to the growing international trend for open access to scholarly outputs and makes research literature freely available online.

Reporting Your Publications

Need to report a new publication? Please use the reporting forms for Publications and Scholarly Activities


A SelectedWorks profile has been created for all full-time academic staff. This profile will be what you keep up-to-date in the future as the old Avondale Staff Profile system is being phased out. How to Edit Profile Instructions.

Avondale researchers can now take advantage of SelectedWorks to widen their readership, network with others in their field, and get metrics about the impact of their work. SelectedWorks offers clear navigation and a responsive layout to engage visitors with the full range of your scholarship.

School of Nursing and Health Session Slides December 2021
Researcher Profiles- Community Engagement and Scholarship Reporting

Other research centres include:

Adventist Heritage Centre
Australasian Research Institute (ARI)
Avondale Centre for Inter-disciplinary Studies in Science
EG White/Adventist Research Centre
Institute of Worship/
Scholars' Centre
The Tom Ludowici Bioethics Collection