Library Services for Alumni

Avondale University alumni who live near the University may take advantage of the wealth of resources in the University Library by applying for a free Alumni Borrower Card. This allows the alumnus to borrow up to 5 items from the University Library and use the Library online databases while visiting the Lake Macquarie Campus Library. (No off-campus access to databases, apart from the ATLA database, is permitted)

The Avondale University Library and its associated entities, the Ellen G White/Adventist Research Centre and the Adventist Heritage Centre, house a rich collection of valuable resources. While the services and resources of the Library are designed primarily for the use of Avondale University students and staff, it has long been recognized that alumni, church members and members of the community could also benefit from their use.

To become an alumnus and receive your alumni card please fill in the registration form

If you wish to use the library you will need to collect your library card from the Library information desk.

See Alumni borrowing conditions for further information.

As an alumnus of Avondale University, you are invited to access the following Library resources and services free of charge:

ATLAS Serials - Religion for ALUMNI Topics include Bible and archaeology; human culture and society; church history; pastoral ministry; world religions; theology, philosophy, and ethics.It is updated quarterly.

Giving Opportunities

You are invited to join the Friends of the Library - an energetic group of alumni with a passion for learning.

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ATLA Serials for Alum Survey