Atlaserials Survey

Some time ago you requested access to the ATLASerials for Alum database being offered by the Avondale University Library.

We'd like to know how you're getting on and would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions.

1. Are you?

Pastor Teacher other,

2. Do you use ATLASerials for Alum

from home from work both don't use

3. How often do you use ATLASerials for Alum

weekly monthly occasionally don't use

4. Do you use ATLASerials for Alum for

sermon preparation
Bible study
devotional reading
professional development

5. Do you search ATLASerials for Alum

by author
by scripture passage
by subject
all of the above

6. Do you

read the articles from the screen
print them off to read and refer to later

7. Is this a resource you would recommend to other Avondale Alumni?

yes no