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ATLASerials for Alum is an online collection of major religion and theology journals selected by leading theologians. Users can read current articles or research the history of a topic from 1881 to the present. The index contains over 374,300 articles (plus many book reviews) from 205 journals in Archaeology, Bible, Ecumenism, Ethics, Missions, Pastoral Ministry, Philosophy, Religion, Society, and Theology.

ATLAS is a licensed database. Access has been purchased for the benefit of Avondale University College Alumni and is available both on- and off-campus. Usage requires the use of a username and password supplied by the Avondale University College Library.

Important Note: Alumni cannot enter ATLA through the normal student link. You must use the specified Alumni link after you have received your username and password.

Request username and password Avondale University College Alumni only

Once you have your login details connect to ATLA with ATLAS Serials - Religion for alumni infoRequires_login

There are links to other free databases on our database page. Databases with a golden key Requires_login indicate a licensed database requiring an Avondale login. You will not be able to access these databases. Free databases do not have the golden key and are available for you to use.

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