Introducing automatic renewals

What does this mean?

For Staff and Students: books will be automatically renewed twice. This will allow you to have the books for a total of 6 weeks (42 days).

How are items renewed?

Two days before your loaned books are due, an email will be sent to you notifying you that the books have been automatically renewed. If your books have had holds placed on them by another user, this email will inform you that your books are due to be returned. Because of this possible hold request, it is important you are checking your student emails regularly.

What items are eligible?

All books from Avondale Libraries are eligible except for the Reserve Collection and the 7 Day Loans.

Who is eligible?

Automatic renewals are currently only available to on campus students.

Why wasn’t an item I’ve borrowed automatically renewed?

Books will not be automatically renewed if it is on hold for another patron or it has already been renewed the maximum number of times (items may be renewed up to 2 times)

What to do when a book you need is out on loan?

If you want to borrow a book that is currently on loan, you may request it through Primo. This will prevent the book from being renewed and the book will be returned. It is important that you request needed books and not simply wait for them to be returned as the books may not be returned for 6 weeks.

You can find out more about exact borrowing policies on the Avondale Library Services Page