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Avondale Libraries are primarily designed to support the learning and teaching needs of Avondale staff and students. Recognising that others will find the resources and services provided by the library useful, membership has been made available to the wider community.

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Community Borrower Information

To become a community library member requires registration with the library

  • Complete the Online Registration Form
  • Includes payment of an annual fee and for a membership card
  • Requires sighting of some form of identification that includes the patron's postal address
  • Allow 48 hours for processing
  • Collection and identification sighting is preferred between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Type of Borrower
  • Community Borrower - includes anyone from the community that doesn't fit under one of the following categories (this includes Sanitarium works) Community library members pay an annual fee of $50
  • Recipricol Borrower - Newcastle Uni and High School Students and other universities
  • Temporary Associate - Other researchers
  • SPD - Works for the Seventh-day Adventist church
  • SAH - Hospital Staff
  • Pensioners rates
  • High school students (annual fee $22)


Terms of Use

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