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Avondale Libraries are primarily designed to support the learning and teaching needs of Avondale staff and students. Recognising that others will find the resources and services provided by the library useful, membership has been made available to the wider community.

To become a community library member requires registration with the library

  • Must be done in person at the Library Loans desk
  • Includes payment of an annual fee and for a membership card
  • Requires sighting of some form of identification that includes the patron's postal address.
  • Processing is preferred between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm.

Community library members pay an annual fee based on a fee schedule for each of the following groups:-
  • Avondale staff - spouse or child
  • Avondale student spouse or child in year 11 or 12 (Lobster shells)
  • SDA Denominational workers including SAH staff
  • Pensioners
  • University of Newcastle staff and students
  • General Public


Application forms for community library membership are available at the Library Loans desk and online.
Community Borrower Registration Form

Please note: The completed application form needs to be returned in person to the Library Loans desk in order to register as a Community borrower.