Use of Library Photocopiers

There are two black and white/colour/scanning photocopiers available in the Library. Use these to scan documents, photocopy or print. All printing is sent to these photocopiers. Please pay for your photocopying at the Information Desk and borrow a 'guest' card to release your print jobs.

Simply scan your card across the little black boxes on top of the photocopier and choose either Select and Release Print Jobs or Choose Device Functions (for photocopying). You do not need your card for scanning which is sent to your email. When you press Select and Release Print Jobs you will see what you have sent to the printer, and what it is going to cost. You are given the option to either print or cancel your printing. Scanning is free.

Please note: You must select "Colour" from your computer before printing if you want to print in colour. The photocopier will automatically print black and white unless otherwise specified. To select colour: File - Print - Options - Colour

Computers and a printer are also available for after hours printing (5:30am to Midnight) in Room W113 in the foyer of the Library.

Printing Costs

Costs per photocopy or print page:
  • A4 Black & White 13 cents

  • A4 Colour 26 cents

  • Library staff are happy to assist you with the operation of any of the copiers. Please ask at the Loans Desk.

    Overhead Transparencies

    Photocopiers may be used to produce overhead transparencies. To reduce malfunctions only overhead transparencies purchased from the library desk may be used in the photocopiers. Cost per black and white transparency is 50 cents.


    A spiral binding system using plastic binding combs is available
    The costs involved for binding are as follows:
  • For the complete package which includes backing card, clear plastic cover, and binding comb $1.00.

  • Binding items may be purchased individually for the following prices:
  • Backing card 35c per sheet

  • Plastic covers 35c per sheet (Note that these must not be used in a photocopier.)

  • Plastic binding comb 50c per comb.

  • Any binding must be arranged with the library staff.