Reciprocal Borrowing

Inter-Library Loan requests

For items not available from the Lake Macquarie Campus Library:
  • Students undertaking 300 level subjects or above may request items for Inter-Library loan using this form.

  • Students undertaking 100 and 200 level subjects may request items for Inter-Library loan only through their respective lecturers

  • Students using the online form are requested to add their student ID number to the First Name field and to change the charge field to Faculty.

  • Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements with other Higher Education Providers

    University of Newcastle
    By agreement reciprocal borrowing privileges have been arranged with the University of Newcastle.
    To register with the University of Newcastle a printout of your current record with the College Library and an annual fee of $22 are required. Registration is to the end of December. Printouts can be obtained from the Library circulation desk.
    Both registration and borrowing can be done at either the Callaghan (Newcastle) Campus or the Central Coast Campus.
    The following borrowing conditions apply to Avondale student borrowers:
  • To be able to register you need to be in good and regular standing with Avondale University Library and have no large fines etc.

  • 15 books plus 15 items from Huxley AV area for 2 weeks with one renewal only.

  • Avondale students will not be able to borrow from: Biomedical Reserve, Law Reserve, University theses, Auchmuty AV materials, Huxley 3 Day and Short Loan videos/off air recordings, Huxley art slides and toys, Inter Library Loan services, Gardiner Library, Renwick College.

  • Avondale students will not be able to use: Reference and Journal Article Databases, Student computers in training laboratories or the Internet.

  • Avondale students will also be expected to pay fines for overdue and lost books. Under the terms of the agreement Newcastle will notify us of any borrowers who have outstanding fines or overdue items and they will expect us to suspend borrowing privileges at Avondale.

  • Click here for access to The Newcastle University Library Catalogue.

  • The reciprocal borrower must be a registered borrower of the home library.

  • The reciprocal borrower must agree to honour the regulations of the host institution/s, return publications by the due date or upon request of the host library pay any charges for late returns, lost or damaged items, and notify the home and host institutions at which she/he is enrolled as a borrower of any change of address.

  • Failure to honour these responsibilities may result in the borrower being suspended from borrowing from both the home and host libraries.

  • Borrowers must agree to reimburse the home institution for any debts discharged by the home institution on the borrowers behalf.