Use of Library Computers

General Information

Avondale Library provides both wireless and network access to the Internet for research and study purposes. Computers and data points are located throughout the library.

Conditions of use

Registered students agree to the following terms and conditions.

Library computers are not to be used for:
  • permanently downloading files not related to research

  • accessing sites that could be considered irrelevant to research activities

  • real-time audio or video for purposes other than authorised research

  • Users must adhere to the following:
  • recognise that the purpose of having Internet access in the library is to support the research needs of library users

  • will not alter the existing configuration of the PCs in any way, including screensavers, wallpaper and desktop layout

  • agree to notify library staff if you accidentally download files onto the hard drive, so they can be removed

  • realise that breaches of the above conditions may mean that you will be suspended - temporarily or permanently - from using the Internet via the library PCs

  • Other Facilities

    One PC located in the library rotunda provides access to the library catalogue only.
    Printing from network computers is charged to your PaperCut account.