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Library Room Reservations for Staff

Available Library Rooms

The following Library rooms are able to be booked online through Microsoft Outlook:
Room – Library TMC The classroom on the lower level of the library
Room – Library Training The library training computer lab on the lower level of the Library
Room – Library Dyason-Williams The first group study room on the upper level of the Library

Please note that only staff members are able to make online bookings

How to view the room calendars using Microsoft Outlook

Put Outlook into calendar mode ( click on the Calendar button on bottom LHS of screen)
Click on open a shared calendar. (under other calendars, LHS of screen)
This will open a shared calendar window
Click on name, this will open the select name window
Change Show names from the staff to Global address list using the drop down menu.
In the Type name or Select from List field type room.
From the list of rooms select the required room and then click OK. This will go back to the Open a shared calendar window again. Click on OK.

The selected calendar will then be added to the other calendars list. To view this calendar at any time simply click on the box next to its name.

How to book a room using Outlook

Check the rooms calendar to check availability
To book, open Microsoft Outlook – File – New – Meeting Request.
Include the Room in the To field.
Fill out the rest of the request form – time, date etc then Send.

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