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Staff Borrowing

Using the Library

Your library card is the Avondale Staff ID card with your photo. Please present this card each time you wish to borrow items.
Your card can be used to view your library record, to renew your books and to place a hold on a book. Instructions on how to do this are provided below.
Overdue items must be returned for renewal. Items on hold for another borrower cannot be renewed and must be returned immediately they are due.
You are responsible for all items borrowed on your card by yourself or another person using your card. Please do not loan your card to anyone else.
To prevent unauthorised use, report lost cards to the Loans Desk staff.
When you wish students to use books you have borrowed from the library, please return the books so that the students may borrow from the library rather than from you.

Staff Undertaking Studies

If you are a staff member studying at Avondale University or any other academic institution, you will be classified as a student. This is only fair to students who will also need the resources you are borrowing.

Your Staff card allows you to borrow up to 15 items for 14 days with one renewal.
Fines apply. To reduce the possibility of incurring a library fine, please renew your items or return them on time. If you have $5.00 or more in fines you will not be able to borrow until it has been paid.
Keep your DATE DUE slip in a safe place or put a reminder in your webmail calendar or on your mobile phone! A courtesy notice is sent to your University email account two days before the item is due back in the library (reply to this email and request a renewal – staff will notify you of the new due date).

Another notice will be emailed to you once an item is overdue. However it is ultimately your responsibility to return your books on time. Overdue books incur a fine of $1 per day per item.
Overnight/weekend loans of RESERVE ITEMS incur a $1.00 fine per hour or part thereof if they are late. Items on Reserve may be:
• Used for as long as you like in the Reserve Room
• Borrowed Overnight – from 4pm to be returned by 9am the next morning
• Borrowed over the Weekend – from midday Friday to be returned by 2pm Sunday


Academic staff may borrow up to 50 items at a time for 12 weeks and have two renewals. Please do not use library books as desk copies.
Current journals are not available for loan but previous issues are available for restricted loans to academic staff.

Sessional Lecturers

Sessional staff may borrow up to 25 items at a time for 4 weeks and have one renewal. Library books should not be used as desk copies. Please talk to your Dean of Faculty about obtaining desk copies.
Journals are not available for loan.

Non Academic Staff

Non-academic staff may borrow up to 25 items for 4 weeks and have one renewal.
Journals are not available for loan.

Managing your Library records online

Online Transactions
Library cards can be used for online transactions to view your library record, to renew your books and to place a hold on a book. Instructions are posted at the online catalogues in the library. Your personal library record can be accessed online in the following way:
Go to the Avondale University Library Catalogue
Click Sign In(Top right of the page)
The user ID is av + the student number on your ID card (eg av074621).
Your PIN is the day and month of your birthday (eg 2 May = 0205).
Click My Library
Always click Sign Out after accessing your details to maintain your privacy.

To View what you have on loan
Click on My Library in the upper menu bar.
Click on My Account.
Click on Loans to view a list of items you have on loan.

To renew your loans. (Overdue items will not be renewed.)
Click on Renew or Renew All

To view your loan history
Click on Loans History to view a record of the items you have borrowed previously.

To request an item which is currently on loan
Search and find the item in the Library Catalogue.
Click on Availability.
Sign In as outlined above (If you have already signed in to access other details, this step is not necessary.)
Click on Hold and fill in the details
Click Request

If you would like to suggest an item for purchase use this online form.

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